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Thanks. I will take this time to also point out that (he shall remain unnamed) threw me off his message board accusing me of being an idiot for even bringing up this subject and deleted all my posts. This in spite of the fact I spent about 15 years working in this field.

This is a very important distinction to be made. The ONLY known provable link to Zodiac is the 10.5 bootprint of a man weighing at least 220 pounds and being at or about 6 feet tall were found at the Lake killing. The handwriting of the 21 letters (plus two anonymous letters to the Chronicle) were from Zodiac but handwriting is always open to interpretation and his right hand exemplar was scribbled out rather than carefully constructed so I view it with the greatest of suspicion.

Do we have any good lengthy handwriting samples of Jack? I've seen one but I can't make a judgment as to their match. Of course that in no way rules him out if he were acting in consort of with Allen for example.


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That guy on the other board is an idiot and has an inferiority complex - hard for him to accept ideas from others if not sefl generated....does he have a great board with a lot of info on it? Yes. But he also is pedaling items from someone who murdered innocent people and has family still living = Nice.
I ordered his DVD that he put out last year hoping to gain additional insight into the Zodiac and who he was, his MO, and any other clues......I was astounded that the 1st 5 minutes were of a grainy, cheap video of someone driving up to the 1st murder sight w/a shakey camera, then when the talking began, it was 2 idiots trying to outduel eachother on Zodiac info, dispell Graysmith's book, and talk about drinking....couple of clowns.
The quality was so bad and idiotic that i let me wife watch it in all seriosness, at the end she was amazed someone would even send that out. Ended up throwing it away. My neices could put together a better documentary than what these bozos pedaled out.

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TE - your description of the idiots that made the horrible "film" cracks me up!

That guy is just frustrated and angry...I might be too if I had all my eggs in one basket and the bottom fell out!

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i never visited his message board much, but after reading some of the comments on here and some of his comments towards others here, I was curious.
he complains quite a bit and trashes other people on his board that are not in his circle; great customer knowledge and service!
i like his comments on the directors cut of the fincher zodiac and how the producers were un-imaginative and did not ask the right questions; this coming from a dork that put out a home movie on the zodiac that was 7th grade work.
I'm sure he knows all the legalities surrounding this type of work, contractual agreements, and what was left in or cut out per consent.....
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