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I"m half amused myself that Lip Stick Killer, Jon Benet and Zodiac plus the rest all could be the same person. JT.

I do say 1st It was hard to convince me Jack Tarrance was Zodiac NOW I'M 100% no doubt he's the dude.

2nd I find it amusing Lip Stick and Jon Benet also JT. At 1st again I thought yeah right... Thats going a bit to far...

But I'm writing cause now cause I don't know what to think about it. These 3 cases all have a letter writer.. As Zodiac even wrote on the car door... ALL of them have similar mannerisms and hand writing.

Now I'm shaking my head in disbelief that this all well could be true.... LOL LOL LOL! And I don't say this mockingly..!!


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I think that by the time he got to the JBR murder he wanted credit posthumously, so I think he really laid on the cross-connected clues in the JBR ransom letter, if he would have laid them on that heavy during the earlier crimes he might have been caught and convicted. How the experts could miss the JT initials in the structure of the ransom letter is amazing. Even Fleet White commented on the "structure" of the ransom letter, his own initials are all over the thing too.

I don't have my notes ready but it seems to me there were 28ea and 31ea; F's and W's in the thing. Notice on page one the sentence; "She is safe...etc" notice the improper use of the capital letter F in the word Follow in the middle of the sentence.This could also serve as a convoluted Flova.

The spooky and artistic part is the way he curved the "h" around the "S" in the word she, as if to say "She is melting", in other words the old dripping letter effect used in old horror movies.

One small bit of info might make all the difference.
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