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I am thrilled that more people have started to use this site and message board. I was here through the lean times when there were only six or seven of us, so having this much participation is great. However, could I ask one simple favor. Please do some research on the case or read through the board before just throwing out your questions or theories. Many of the questions that are being asked can be easily answered if you just do some reading on the case. It clogs up the threads when people post things that can be easily found. I think the saying goes "read more, post less".

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Great suggestion GoldenEagle,

Post your question in the appropriate thread, if it's for Dennis post it in the "questions for Dennis" thread, etc. Check to see that your question or a form of your question has not already been asked AND always go through the threads and other sites to see if you yourself might be able to find the answer.

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