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Hello, I am new to this website but not new to the Zodiac case. I have 2 questions. Is there any information about the whereabouts of Jack on the date and time of each Zodiac killing (I do not consider there to be conclusive proof that Zodiac killed Cheri Jo Bates)? Also do the dates that the Zodaic killings occured on have any relevance or importance to Jack? Are they key dates in his life?

Thank you for reading my post

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Hi Gary, and welcome!

What great questions... I'm sure we're all looking forward to having Dennis answer them.

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Hi Gary and from one newbie to another, welcome.

Good questions. Mr. Tarrances Ham radio license was issued on 4.18.67 to his address listed in Del Valle Texas. However, Mr. Tarrance had made numberous trips back and forth between his Texas hometown and the Bay area.

Im not sure how long it takes the FCC to issue a license to operate a ham radio after it is first applied for. But Mr. Tarrance, based on his past history of his life, was often just up and moving from one place to the other.

Its very conceivable that Tarrance could have murdered Bates in October of 66, moved to Texas (maybe until the heat was off?) and then moved back to the Bay area to commit the Faraday/Jensen murders in Dec. of 68.

Of course everything is circumstancial right now, on every suspect. But I do think Mr. Tarrance is a strong one based on his non-denial when questioned by Mr. Kaufman.

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It's me again....just wanted to know where Denny is right now? I apologize if it is on another thread and I didn't catch it...
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