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I would like to welcome my younger brother Charles, (ChuckyWucky) he is Jacks biological son. Charles was present the night his dad talked about giving Arther Allen a ride home from Lake Berryessa.

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Thank you for the warm welcome Dennis.

About the night that my dad revealed that he knew lee allen:

I was doing something on the computer at the time, and I heard my dad say "That school teacher guy" Then My ears tuned in to the conversation. He said he gave Lee Allen a ride and then found out who he was, and My dads words were "That was too close for comfort for me" Meaning that he was uncomfortable being that close contact with the main suspect at the time.

When Dennis first suspected my dad of being zodiac, I could tell my dad was a little nervous about it. He said to me: "You dont beleive I am Zodiac do you?" I answered to Him "No" and he said "Ok good" He definately did not want me to know that he was Zodiac, and made an extra effort to keep it from me.
My dad told me one time that he never heard of the Zodiac killer before.

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Welcome, Charles, and thank you for sharing your memories of Jack with us. I'm sure I speak for everyone here when I tell you that we're all very excited about having you and your sister a part of our little group!

I was wondering if you have any recollections of the camping trips that Dennis has described to us. Dennis remembers Jack being preoccupied with plotting his exact geographical location during these trips. Do you have any such memories?

Again, welcome to the board and thanks for being here!

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Welcome Charles,
I think the different perspectives between Dennis, Mary and you are going to be interesting. Thanks again for being willing to share.

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Charles, I hope I didn't offend you when I asked about your memories of your camping trips with Jack. I've asked your sister Mary about the injury to Jack's hands... I understand that Jack gave varying accounts of how the injury occurred, including that his hands were sprayed with hot radiator water. I'd love to hear your thoughts about the injury.

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Great to hear from you Chucky! It is so good to know that you are able to share your thoughts on this... I'm sure a lot of folks really share interest in your perspectives and memories of Jack. Again, it is very cool that you are coming forward with this...
Winnie :}
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