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What kind of "fake" clues were left at the Stine killing...anyone know? The only clue that I remember reading about was in that book on the ground. Did Z write wrong info in there about where he was picked up? hmmm...did he leave "fake" fingerprints...don't know how that could be done...but Toshi was on the scene and thought he might have left some in there and that is why in the letter Z states that he didn't leave any....because if they found Toshis they would think that those were not Z's.

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A possible fake "clew" is the pair of Size 7 black leather gloves that was found in the back seat of Paul Stine's cab following his murder.

Here is a link to a police report that includes a reference to the gloves (Page 7): Click Here.

Robert Graysmith writes, in Chapter 5 of Zodiac, writes:

Just under the dash, Toschi found a pair of dull-black leather gloves. They were soaked with blood but were too small for a man. Later he discovered that they belonged to a woman passenger from earlier in the day.

Where do we go from here?

a. Graysmith was correct and we should discount the discovery of the gloves;

b. Graysmith was incorrect and the gloves may have belonged to the Zodiac; or

c. Graysmith was incorrect and the gloves may have been planted by the Zodiac as a fake clue.

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Thank you for the info about the clues seem so knowledgeable about the info...and I thank you for all your responses. So it was Toschi that found the gloves? Interesting...
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