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I haven't posted here in a long time because I'm not here to play games with trolls. Recently discovered on the Ramsey ransom note is the fact that all of the letter d's were made to resemble  nooses, with the most prime example found in the word "dog", which depicts the actual device used to throttle JonBenet' to death. This led to the realization that the letter p's were shaped to resemble male genitalia and act as pointers. Of most importance is the very recent discovery about one of the RN's greatest puzzles, hint-hint. Both L Lin Wood and The Boulder police have been notified of this very key piece of evidence and I've stated that I will hold off on publicizing it for awhile. This same evidence is self-supporting and establishes these facts: 1) that the RN was formulated and written far in advance of the murder 2) that the Ramsey family had nothing to do with the murder 3) that the murder was 100% premeditated 4) that the JT hints on the RN are valid 5) that both the RN and the murder were very sophisticated.
     It also holds the great potential to show who was all involved in arranging this "hit" in the first place. So far I've leaked out two strong hints about this matter 1) that the letter p's were instrumental in this discovery 2) that GPS coordinates are involved and that I have several good reasons to suspect that time capsules at one, any and perhaps all locations are possibly (or even probably?) involved. I'll update this subject in the near future.

One small bit of info might make all the difference.
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