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Hi all!

Just wanted to introduce myself as I am new to the message board. I have been interested in the Jack Tarrance case for awhile now. I first heard about it from the Aphrodite Jones show and thought it was fascinating.

Several things stand out to me as being VERY good evidence.

1. The handwriting connection. From what I have seen online to me there is no doubt that the writing matches. It is uncanny.

2. The time line and locations. Jack Tarrance seems to have been in the the near vicinity at the same time of the Zodiac crimes.

3. The hood that was found I believe in an old speaker that belonged to Jack Tarrance. The material matches the same material that would be available back in the time of the Zodiac so it wasn't something made in recent times.

4. The mysterious pictures found in the suspects belongings after he passed away. Down right chilling if you ask me.

5. And finalluy the recordings of the suspect. I haven't listened to them for quite some time but when I first heard them I was transfixed. The guy admits he is the Zodiac on tape! Did he know he was being recorded?

Anyway, just wanted to add my two cents. Looking forward to discussing with you.


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Hi Timeline and welcome! yes, Jack is the best candidate for Zodiac that I have seen, and Dennis and others have provided a vast amount of information about Jack and compelling arguments as to why Jack is the Zodiac. Looking forward to hearing what you have to say.

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Thanks for the kind welcome Sixtieschick!
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